Our Fall Home Preparation Tips


We’re officially in the fall season and while it’s still warm at the moment, cooler temperatures are coming before you know it. At Carolina Home Remodeling, our experts have a few tips for what you can do for your home in order to prepare it for the cold:

Ready your windows

Once temperatures drop, the last thing you’ll want is cold outdoor air seeping into your home via drafty windows. To keep your home at the right temperature, check your windows’ caulking and weather stripping; if it’s cracked or damaged, replace it with new caulk or weather stripping. And if your windows are beyond a simple repair, consider replacement windows from Carolina. We carry a variety of energy efficient windows to make sure your home stays comfortable.

Check your heating system

Because you don’t need your heating system during the summer, it sits unused for several months and there’s no way to tell if something is wrong with it. Before the temperature drops, make sure you start up your heater and check it for any leaks, cracks, and other issues. In addition, make sure you replace the HVAC filter with a fresh one. By checking the system early, you’ll have time to make any needed repairs.

Examine your roof

Fall and winter weather can bring ice, rain, sleet, and more – all of which can be tough on your roof. Before bad weather kicks in, examine your roof for damaged or missing shingles, holes, sagging, or water damage. All of these flaws can get worse as the season goes on, and you may in fact benefit from a new roofing system. Let us take a look at your roof and offer our opinion on what your best option is.

Reverse your fans

If you have ceiling fans, check them for a “reverse” switch. When you reverse the direction that your fans spin, you can create an upward draft instead of a downward draft. This can help disburse the warm air in your home when you turn on your heat and in turn, can help you use your heating system less.

Wash your siding

The past few months have brought along dirt, dust, and other debris, and your home’s siding has likely collected a lot of it. Talk to our siding experts about the best way to go about washing your siding. While it may take a little time, it’s an easy process and it can help keep your siding in great shape, both aesthetically and durably.

Seal your driveway

When the ground underneath your driveway freezes and then thaws over and over, it actually shifts. This shift can create small cracks or holes and may worsen ones that are already present. If your driveway already has cracks or holes, fill in the damaged areas and then apply a quality sealcoating. This can help protect your driveway from the wear and tear of winter and can also help elongate the life of it.

Protect your gutters

Fall brings leaves and debris, both of which can easily build up in your gutters and cause clogs. These clogs can lead to water damage to your roof, siding, interior, and more. Before the season sets in, consider protecting your gutters with our GutterPro protection system. You won’t have to worry about leaves and debris getting stuck in your gutters.

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