6 Ways to Add Resale Value to Your Home

At Carolina Home Remodeling, we encourage homeowners to get the most out of your home not only while you’re living in it, but also when you decide to sell it. Here are a few things from our home improvement experts that you can do to increase your home’s resale price and appeal to potential buyers.

What Color Should You Paint Your Entry Door?

Your entry door is an important part of your home – it not only makes an impression on visitors, but it also keeps your family safe. At Carolina Home Remodeling, we offer entry doors that are both durable and beautiful to meet all of your needs. While the style of door you choose shows the kind of taste you have,

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Vinyl Home Siding

When you pull up to your home, are you happy with what you see? How about your guests – is your home’s first impression a good one? If not, you should consider replacing your siding with high-quality vinyl home siding. We’re proud to carry the exclusive line of Prodigy Siding products, which are exceptionally crafted, beautiful, and most of all

5 Ways Our Home Remodeling Company Can Help

If you’ve been wanting to make some changes to your home, our reputable home remodeling company can help. Whether you want to add curb appeal with an exterior renovation or want to improve your living space with an interior renovation, our experts are here to guide you through the process and make your home the one you’ve always wanted. Here

The Benefits of a New Siding Installation

If it’s time for a new siding installation, we suggest choosing our Alside vinyl siding. This siding is beautiful, durable, and can help you lower your energy bills. Here are a few more benefits to choosing a new vinyl siding installation.

Get the Best in Energy Efficient Windows

Old and inefficient windows are not only an eyesore, but they’re also costing you money every single day that you hold onto them! In the summer, they let in warm air and increase your energy bills because your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home cool. In the winter, the same thing happens with cold air.

We Stand Behind Vinyl Siding

If the outside of your home is in desperate need of a makeover, we suggest updating it with vinyl siding. There are many reasons why homeowners all over the U.S. choose vinyl siding these days. For instance, it’s one of the most affordable options on the market and is available in many different colors to suit any taste. Here at Carolina Home Remodeling, we

We Believe in our Double-Hung Windows

If you are in the market for new replacement windows, double-hung windows are a great choice. Carolina Home Remodeling has a wide variety of replacement windows to match your home. Our double-hung windows are extremely popular for a variety of reasons including the fact that it is timeless, low maintenance, energy efficient, and gorgeous. They are also incredibly easy to operate.

Choose the Right Entry Door for Curb Appeal, Protection

When you visit someone’s home for the first time, what is one of the first things you see? Their entry door. With that being said, wouldn’t you want your entry door to make the right first impression on your friends and family? At Carolina Home Remodeling, our door installations can help you improve your curb appeal in addition to adding to your home’s protection.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills and Update the Look of Your Home

Is your home’s siding faded, worn, or damaged? Give it some serious curb appeal with a vinyl siding replacement. Vinyl siding is a great investment to make in your home. Not only can it make it look great, but it can also help save you money on your energy bills.